The Newest Litter

Discover pure joy with our adorable Golden Retriever puppies!

They were born December 15, 2023 and there is limited availability remaining. 

The pups are provided unconditional love and training through each stage using Puppy Culture training. 

These bundles of fur are not just pets, but lifelong companions. They are raised with love and care. 

Meet the Parents


<–Teeka has Hungary and Spain lineage and was bred by D&D Goldens. She is an amazing Golden and a first time mom at three years old – she is kind, loving and loyal.  She picks up on emotions, is well mannered, loves people, animals, kids, water and car rides.  

Stoik (above), the stud, is from a knowledgeable and reputable breeder at Purple Gate Farm.  He has produced therapy dogs, and he is as smart and sweet as he is handsome!

Embrace the warmth, loyalty, and endless memories these golden beauties will bring into your life. 

Don’t miss the chance to make lifelong memories with one of our fur babies – they are raised inside our home and handled daily to prepare them for your home.❤️🐾